Our computer tracking system shows that workers from all over the world are visiting our web site!  Whether you are in Canada, the Philippines, China, Australia, France, or any other area of the world, we thank you for visiting with us!  We are here to address your needs and answer your questions as you strive to live your life as a Christian in the workplace!


 Worker Ministries
  Elon, North Carolina 27244
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone:  (336) 449-5904

(For U S mailing address, contact us by telephone)

STATEMENT  OF  POLICY:   Our mission is to promote the Christian work ethic.  That  includes spending our valuable time addressing all legitimate correspondence received from workers throughout the world who need our help in living the Christian life in the workplace.

For security reasons, all e-mails and recorded telephone messages received at Worker Ministries are carefully scanned.  This ministry does NOT respond to any correspondence or calls which do not clearly  identify the specific sender including both individuals and  organizations which can not be clearly identified. We also do not respond to  communication  being received which is clearly designed to promote self interests pertaining to political arguments,  personal opinions and judgments  about the morality of some company, group, or individual such as a manager or employee,  or other such content not related to our mission.
We also respect the privacy of workers who correspond with us.  No e-mail content will be posted on our web site without the expressed permission of the sender.