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Pray for the Homeless


Worker Ministries believes we all have the responsibility and the privilege to pray for those less fortunate. We invite you to download our extensive list of homeless individuals who desperately need a blessing. Won't you honor the Lord for all he has blessed you with by lifting these poor souls up to Him in prayer as He commands? Simply click on the following link to download the list. We update it regularly so please download as often as you can. Click here: Pray for the Homelesspray for the homeless

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I have had the tremendous joy and pleasure inf writing our monthly newsletter starting with the first one which was e-mailed in December 2003.  It is now received by approximately 10,000 individuals.  To God be the glory for the astronomical success of this publication because it is He who places these messages into my mind. That becomes quite evident to anyone who visits the Archives section of our web site and opens and reads any from a list of all letters.   

God often brings to my attention precious individuals who are living a productive life utilizing the talents and abilities He has given them even when there are extreme difficulties which they have faced,. In fact, they have become my personal heroes.

This month, I take the pleasure of adding another one to my list.  His name is Parker Byrd.  His world turned upside down on July 23, 2022 when he was in a boating accident that nearly claimed his life.  Thankfully, Parker survived even though he lost his right leg.

The numbers tell the story of a time when he faced traumatic challenges.  How about twenty two surgeries

But, there is another significant number which inspired him to overcome his tremendous hardship.  It is


That is the number which is shown on his baseball jersey.  Yes, he is a member of the East Carolina University baseball team.  This fulfilled his dream of returning to a team which consistently ranks in the top fifteen on D1 collegiate listing. 

But, there is another number which is attached to his life thata is so noteworthy.  How about…..


…..yes, a big fat zero.  Zero represents the number of players in NCAA Division I history to appear in a baseball game with a prosthetic leg.

But that is exactly what happened when the Number Eleven ECU Pirates recently clinched a victory in the season opener against its opponent, 7 – 0.  And yes, my hero Parker Byrd played as though he had never faced the catastrophic situation that came into his life two years ago. 

However, my message this month is not just about college baseball.  It is about


My grandmother taught me a short but valuable lesson about this quality.  She said, “CAN’T is not in your vocabulary”.   Her message was loud and clear and came from one who set the example in her very difficult work life.  !

Let’s face it.  Parker Byrd had many opportunities to give up and throw many pity parties……just throw in the towel on life itself.

The fact that he was not defeated by his adversity and came back to fulfilling his dream gives hope to an untold number of people around the world who have lost limbs or suffered similar adversities, This player stepped into the batter’s box as a pinch-hitter during the eighth inning  at Clark-LeClair Stadium in Greenville, North Carolina.

He drew a walk -- a fitting outcome for a man who surely feared he’d never walk again.

What he has done brings me back to another one who faced tremendous suffering when he defended the Gospel and, I am, of course, referring to the Apostle Paul.  He even teaches us to rejoice in sufferings because this produces perseverance and endurance produces character and this gives us hope in the Lord Jesus Christ!

As I examine Parker Byrd’s victory over adversity, I dare not forget that through God, all things are possible.  I ask:  Who gave the talent and knowledge to doctors who performed those many surgeries.  I ask:  Who gave the expertise to those who invented something called a prosthetic and who gave one the knowledge necessary to connect that device to Parker’s limb enabling him not only to walk in a normal manner but to run.   

Parker Byrd  is the one who can give the best answer to such questions. He says that God truly shined through answered prayers during his many weeks in the hospital as well as when he was released.  He says, “He is the reason I am here today. God definitely chooses people to shine His light through and I am honored that I get the chance to share His light." 

Since the ECU baseball team is continually ranked in the top 15 college teams in the country, that provides even more joy to Parker Byrd AND his teammates because they are the ones who make it happen! 

There is no doubt in my mind that when Parker earns his degree, he will carry his perseverance into the workplace and some fortunate employer out there will gain an employee who will perform his work to the high standard to which he has been called. 

Would you like to meet Parker? Just click here and view a short video clip showing him receiving a standing ovation as he came onto the field.
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I look forward to being with you in April.   In the meantime, I must be about my Father's business.

Very truly yours,

Jim Hogsett, Writer for Guideposts Magazine and President/Founder at WORKER MINISTRIES WORLD HEADQUARTERS