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Worker Ministries believes we all have the responsibility and the privilege to pray for those less fortunate. We invite you to download our extensive list of homeless individuals who desperately need a blessing. Won't you honor the Lord for all he has blessed you with by lifting these poor souls up to Him in prayer as He commands? Simply click on the following link to download the list. We update it regularly so please download as often as you can. Click here: Pray for the Homelesspray for the homeless

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One of the greatest blessings of my life was when God placed me in a radio broadcasting studio in my hometown.  It was at the age of twelve that I would became the youngest disc jockey in the United States, hosting a weekly program!  I can not describe the joy associated with that unique experience which would also produce my first paycheck. 

I became so enthralled with this kind of exciting work environment, someone once stated that when my mother carried me during pregnancy, she must have looked at a blinking light on top of a radio tower!  I had contracted what is commonly referred to in that business as “the radio bug”.

I worked in broadcasting throughout my high school years and during college and my goal was to own a radio station.  However, God had other plans before He created me.  My lifelong career would take place through teaching which would mean working in public education, becoming a Corporate Training Director, and serving as Founder/President of Worker Ministries.  

I have come to realize the direct connection between broadcasting and teaching.  I would obtain numerous valuable skills and knowledge which I have applied daily to my life’s vocation.  In addition, I used this medium to pay for a college education as I came from “poverty row”. 

During my college years, I worked as both a disc jockey and sales representative.  For some time, I had attempted to sell advertising to the lady who owned Brown's Furniture. Each time she turned away stating she only wanted to advertise with our competitor.

One day, my boss called me to his office so he could review the results of my sales calls.  He immediately criticized me for not being able to bring Brown's Furniture on board.  After explaining how I had approached her in many different ways, he immediately called her.  He wanted to teach me how to deal with a difficult potential customer.  I was certainly open to what he could do to close a sale with the manager of this store UNTIL….UNTIL…

During his conversation with the furniture store owner, the boss emphasized that his mother was planning to move to the local area and that he had told her about the quality furniture which was featured at Mrs Brown's store. 

Now came the sales pitch and because Mrs Brown thought she would have a new customer (the boss’s mother), she bought our advertising package.

I was almost in shock and if I had had a heart attack it would have no connection to bringing Brown's Furniture to the air waves.  It was his reference to his mother.  After he ended the phone conversation, I had a question:  “Boss, I am confused.  I thought your mother passed away several years ago.”   He merely smiled and this is what he said:  “That is correct but old lady Brown will forget our conversation” like someone who has dementia?

And, what was my response?  I merely gave him a disgusting stare and then left the office. Today, I recognize that body language is not sufficient when addressing a sin!

Shame….shame…shame on me!

Although I was a Christian and although I had conviction and believed it was wrong to bear false witness against thy neighbor (in this, case Mrs. Brown), I lacked the courage……the courage to witness on behalf of our Lord and Savior and present to my manager my view about the sin he had just committed.

Oh… many workers lack that same courage……especially when there is a fear of being handed a pink slip.  Let me be judgment day honest.  In my case, I thought my response was A-OK because I had the conviction and God knew I could quickly recognize the sin. 

But, I missed the ….W W J D.......  

What Would Jesus Do?

Many workers not only lack courage, many lack the conviction. For this reason, God warns us Christians to grow in spiritual maturity and avoid serious consequences especially in the culture in which we live today…..

“So that we may no longer be children,

tossed to and fro by the waves and

carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning,

by craftiness in deceitful schemes.”

(Ephesians 4:14)

There is no better example of lack of conviction than what we see take place in the lives of many government leaders and politicians. 

Prior to his being elected, I recall an individual being asked to give his definition of marriage.  He said, “Marriage is between a woman and a man”.  His response was perfectly aligned with God’s definition.  But, not long after he was elected to public office, he stuck his finger in the air to see which way the winds of public opinion were blowing.  All of a sudden he gave his endorsement to a same-sex marriage bill that would soon become law. 

NO conviction….absolutely No conviction.  Even when he gave the Biblical definition of marriage, he would prove later that he had no conviction because what he said was not embedded in solid concrete.   When we are truly convicted, we will not allow ourselves to be tossed about. We will forget what others think about us.  We will stay on the straight and narrow path adhering fully to God’s Word at all times. 

And, yes, we will be ridiculed….chastised when we are operating from one turf….the turf of Jesus Christ!

How can we be assured we have real conviction?  It is when our belief is perfectly aligned with the Word of God that addresses a specific situation. Such conviction becomes a solid wall which separates us from Satan whose desire if for us to turn toward his false doctrine.  Rest assured he will try to penetrate that wall.  But the Word of God becomes the cement , the mortar that holds that wall together.

And, if there is ever any question about what is right, may we remember that God’s Word provides the answer to every human situation any of us will have to confront!

Returning to my encounter with the boss at that radio station.  I recognize that when we repent, God not only forgives us but also forgets our sins. But, when I turned away from an opportunity to share a gospel truth with him, I can not help but say once again…..

Shame on me!  Shame!

I pray that you and I will raise our antenna higher than ever so we are constantly aware that Satan is ready to attack our conviction and produce fear in our hearts so we will lack the courage to do what is right!   While living in these last days, that is one of the greatest challenges we face in the workplace and elsewhere!

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 I look forward to being with you in March.   In the meantime, I must be about my Father's business.

Very truly yours,

Jim Hogsett, Writer for Guideposts Magazine and President/Founder at WORKER MINISTRIES WORLD HEADQUARTERS