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Thank God for those whom He places in our lives that make this earthly journey so much easier. 

Because of the disaster that is taking place in Ukraine, the military forces which are facing the evil enemies of this world continue to weigh heavily on my mind.  It has caused me to flash back to a time when God intervened through providing a special assistant to the U S special forces who were involved in a critical secret military operation.

It is a pleasure to share a portion of this assistant’s resume’ with you.


 NAME: Conan
CAREER OBJECTIVE: Provide a first line of defense to protect United States personnel involved in any military operation including those undertaken to destroy terrorists.
QUALIFICATIONS:  Has been trained from a young age to deal with a variety of tactical situations often times dangerous tasks, including detecting contraband and explosives and snipers in trees or enemies hiding behind bushes before an ambush, tracking missing persons and chasing enemy personnel. 

So, allow me now to fill in the blanks.What is strangely missing from her resume’ is the most important information about a worker:  her accomplishments. 

Flash back to October 27, 2019 when the special forces of the United States took down Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the then evil leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the ISIS organization.

A special member of this elite military organization chased the brutal terrorist into a dead-end tunnel during a two-hour long nighttime raid at his compound. Baghdadi detonated a suicide vest, killing himself and three children whom he used as human shields causing the tunnel to collapse, 

And, who was this special worker?

It was Conan......a Belgian Malinois dog which resembles a German Shepherd but is smaller and has shorter hair, making it an ideal choice to help aid missions and patrols in the hot Middle East.

This worker played one of the most crucial roles in a top-secret U.S. military operation cornering one of the world’s most sought-after terrorists faster than any human or robot could. 

Such a gift from God plays an important role in helping to keep US troops alive. The dogs are trained for many things, including sniffing out improvised explosive devices (IEDs), snipers in trees, or enemies hiding behind bushes before an ambush. The dog and the handler, then, typically lead out in front of troops to ensure they don’t walk into danger.

In the Baghdad raid, it is therefore possible that the dog went into the tunnel not only to track the terrorist, but also to ensure that the troops that followed weren’t running into a trap.  If the dog found an IED, then the animal is trained to sit down near it so it can be avoided and perhaps dismantled

May we add to Conan’s resume’, that because of what she did, no military personnel were killed or injured in the dangerous operation I have described. And, because of her outstanding performance, Canan was brought to the White House and recognized as a hero.  

David Petraeus, the former CIA director and retired Army general says, “By all measures of performance, military working dogs outperform any asset we have in our industry. The capability they bring to the fight cannot be replicated by man or machine.”

Praise God that He uses His creative powers to give us precious dogs including Honchos, my favorite pet, whose picture hangs on a wall in my home and provides memories of his love for me and my love for him.

But, it was not my intention just to write a doggone newsletter about a precious animal. I want to leave you with some basic truths that come from the life of Canan:

1. Because of His infinite wisdom, God knows the capabilities which He has given to animals which can protect us humans and help us in different ways.  For example, it has been determined that some animals can lend emotional support to the elderly who often live alone.  There are those which can actually provide a signal to someone who is about to experience another seizure so he or she can sit down and not be injured.

2. The truth about the military dogs is further amplified by the fact that God is not restricted in any way….His will be done and if it means through use of a precious animal, may we declare AMEN!  After all, He does reach out to many in His mysterious ways His wonders to perform..

As I close this month’s newsletter, would you  dare believe that I would suggest we live a dog’s life? 

Yes, follow the example of Canan.  And, what is that? 

Exercise our God given abilities to the greatest extent possible for the sake of helping others in need.  And, that is the doggone truth!

Now, in closing, I invite you to join me on our YouTube channel.  Click below and you will find 28 recorded messages including one-minute presentations for those who have a heavy schedule.....

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I look forward to being with you in May.   In the meantime, I must be about my Father's business.

altVery truly yours,

Jim Hogsett, Writer for Guideposts Magazine and President/Founder at WORKER MINISTRIES WORLD HEADQUARTERS