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One of the joys I have in serving as Founder/President of Worker Ministries is writing our monthly newsletter which is received by approximately 10,000 individuals throughout the world.  I am especially thankful when I am able to highlight a specific individual who exemplifies one who is living the life of a real Christian in the workplace and elsewhere. 

One such person who has recently appeared on my radar is Hubert Ira Davis, Jr.  In early April, he was selected to serve as Basketball Coach for the University of North Carolina.  But beware!  There is something much more important than sports in this newsletter.  

During an introductory press conference, a reporter asked Coach Davis about his faith. As soon as this subject arises, I am immediately on guard concerning what will be said.  That is because it has literally been thrown around and attached to ungodly meanings that are far removed from how it is used throughout Biblical scripture.  After all, I can speak of my faith and the trust I have might be in something like Muhammed.  So, for this reason, I tended to hold my breath when the faith question was directed to Coach Davis.

In addition, I have never understood why some who profess to be Christians but, when asked such a question, meander around the subject.  But, rest assured that Coach Davis cut through the chase because he saw this as a wonderful opportunity to present his testimony and he did it without any hesitation.

Davis said that when he was a youngster, his Christian mother begged him to go to church when he saw nothing in it for him. He said that his mom would tell him that Christ had a plan for him…”a plan for a hope and a future ….plans not to harm you…plans to prosper you”  and, as he spoke these words, he referenced Jeremiah 10:11. 

When he was 16 years old, his mother passed away and he immediately had a tremendous hate toward God.  He could not understand why his mother would be taken from him. And that anger remained with him for quite some time.  

But, thankfully, God has a way of placing special people in our pathway who help us through this earthly journey.  This young man was no exception.

When Davis was a student at UNC, the late Coach Dean Smith made all of his freshmen players go to church. He said that because of that intervention, he began to understand what his mother had taught him…and how Jesus had sacrificed His own life for him. Two days before his junior year in college, he accepted Christ as his personal Savior.

I thought of this when bumping into a profound truth in a daily devotion which I read:  Nature forms us, sin deforms us, penitentiary reforms some, education informs, the world conforms so many, but only Jesus transforms us.

Someone posted the following comment on the internet concerning what the coach had said:  “We're called to be witness to the love of God, and the transforming power of the resurrection. A witness is simply someone who tells or writes about that which he or she has experienced.  May we be willing to do the same when the opportunity arises."

I am not a basketball expert.  But, I believe UNC has selected the right individual for the job.  I must remember that school coaches work with young people.  Many of these young men, themselves, know nothing about the saving grace of Jesus Christ because, regretfully, many have not been raised up in the ways of the Lord as was Coach Davis. 

The coach spoke at length about the importance of having a strong relationship with his players.  He is so right.  But, what kind of relationship?  What kind?  I believe the coach answered that question with his testimony.  A real Christian sets the example before others.  It’s not about taking your finger and sticking it in the face of a young person preaching to them because that's an easy way to lose them.  It’s about how you live your life before others so they will see Jesus through you.

Based on Coach Davis’ testimony, I believe that young men who play basketball under his leadership will quickly understand that they are being coached by someone who is different… who isn’t living according to the standards of the world but, rather, the standards established by God Almighty.  I might add that this quality of real leadership could easliy be adopted by these players and transferred into their life's work so that, one day, those being led by them will also see someone who is uniquely different. Such a chain effect can become a reality because all things are possible through God. 

And, that ladies and gentlemen is just one example of one man who is not ashamed of the gospel and not ashamed to proclaim it during a televised press conference.   Before leaving the press conference, he said, ”My faith in Christ is the foundation of who I am.”  

Amen, my brother in Christ, amen!

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I look forward to being with you in June.   In the meantime, I must be about my Father's business.

altVery truly yours,

Jim Hogsett, Writer for Guideposts Magazine and President/Founder at WORKER MINISTRIES WORLD HEADQUARTERS