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Happy New Year and may the good Lord bless you and your loved ones and keep you safe in 2021 is my prayer.

As a consumer, I enjoy having excellent customer service which, in many places, has become a rare commodity.

A precious lady, Sylvia, has been one of my favorite waitresses for a long time. But recently, she gave me the bad news. After 27 years in the same workplace, she would be leaving the restaurant where I often have my meals. The good news is she has obtained employment with an industrial concern where she earns a much higher hourly pay along with excellent benefits.

I am so thrilled that an individual like her, who has such a strong Christian work ethic, can take a gigantic step toward improving her financial position especially during a time when many have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

At one time, her husband also worked as a cook at this same restaurant but left there last year and works at the businss where his wife is now employed. His financial status has also much improved.

When Sylvia went to her boss to turn in her notice, there was no verbal response from him.....none!  He simply walked away from her. Can you imagine working at that one place for 27 years and performing work with excellence and that would be the only response she would receive from this manager? Shame, shame on him!  

However, the story of this organization does not stop there. In recent years, the management also cut out employee benefits and, regardless of the length of service, work time for each employee was reduced to less than 30 hours per week.

Sadly, the owners and management of this restaurant chain have turned their heads away from a critical truth. The Bible teaches that what we sew as individuals is what we will reap. This truth may not be fulfilled immediately but since I have seen this take place hundreds of times, rest assured this eventually becomes a matter of reality. That is because God remembers the seeds.

But, what is often missed in this truth is that it does not just apply to an individual. It is equally applicable to any organization, public or private.

A large number of elderly patrons who are on a strict budget tend to eat at restaurants like the one I have described because prices are still reasonable. However, because of the covid-19 situation, many are remaining at home meaning that such businesses are suffering financial losses.

Remember Sylvia?.....the lady who was treated so badly by her employer? That restaurant chain recently announced they have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Several of their locations have already closed.

Let me be clear. If a widespread pandemic did not exist, the same consequence that is being reaped could still easily occur.

Employers also need to understand that the way they treat their employees is the way employees often treat their customers. But, Sylvia is an exception. Regardless of the negatives surrounding her personal employment situation, she always exercised self control.  Her customers could always count on her sewing good seeds through performing to the best of her God given abilities.  .

When an employer fails to reward such an employee, we can rest assured that our God, who is still in control, has a way of eventually bringing that reward to those who exemplify real professionalism and dedication.  

Beyond the pay increase and the benefits, Sylvia is also thrilled that her new place of employment is closed on Sundays which means she can finally return to her church each week.

Congratulations Sylvia because you are the one who has won "the prize" and praise God our paths have crossed during our journey through this life. 

Now, before closing, please join me in urgently praying that God will also bless those employees and managers who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic with new and excellent opportunities to work and prosper and grow.

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I look forward to being with you in February.   In the meantime, I must be about my Father's business.

altVery truly yours,

Jim Hogsett, Writer for Guideposts Magazine and President/Founder at WORKER MINISTRIES WORLD HEADQUARTERS