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Pray for the Homeless


Worker Ministries believes we all have the responsibility and the privilege to pray for those less fortunate. We invite you to download our extensive list of homeless individuals who desperately need a blessing. Won't you honor the Lord for all he has blessed you with by lifting these poor souls up to Him in prayer as He commands? Simply click on the following link to download the list. We update it regularly so please download as often as you can. Click here: Pray for the Homelesspray for the homeless

This page contains recent press releases from Worker Ministries World Headquarters.  Don't miss viewing five full page newspaper features on our ministry which appear at the end of this page.


PRESS RELEASE               WORKER MINISTRIES                     July 14, 2022 

This important announcement comes from Kathy Perkinson, Vice President of Worker Ministries:

Effective October 1, Los Angeles, one of our four satellite locations is being replaced by Charlotte, North Carolina.  This was a difficult decision.  However, for many different reasons, we find it difficult to minister in that location.  A major factor is how COVID has adversely affected Christian Education Conferences with which we have been affiliated including a major one that has closed.  For financial reasons, working with the homeless could be done at the time our work would be undertaken in these conferences which means less travel.  Unfortunately, one of the major conferences has closed.   We are excited to turn our attention to Charlotte.  It is certainly convenient since it is located only two hours (travel time) from our base location at Elon.

Charlotte, known as the Queen City, is home to the NFL’s Carolina Panthers.  It has become a major business and financial hub and is also a university town with a well educated population.

Unfortunately, over 3,000 residents continue to experience homelessness each and every night.  Although city leaders say they have been extensively working to prevent an end to homelessness in Charlotte, it is still a huge problem.

Sadly, young adults (ages 18 to 30) represent a growing segment of the homeless population.

So, we look forward to providing service to many of these through our Operation Uplift. 


PRESS RELEASE               WORKER MINISTRIES                     April 19, 2021 



We in Worker Ministries continue to have deep concerns about problems that have existed for many years in the public schools.  We recognize there are many very hard working principals and teachers who have been called into education who have an excellent performance record.

However, that does not excuse the fact that problems still exist which are making the work that much more difficult.  This is a major reason why school systems are losing so many young teachers and the older ones are also electing to retire as early as possible.

As President of Worker Ministries I have a special interest in this subject because, after graduating from college, I taught for four years in public education.  Those were some of the most blessed years of my life because I was working in a field in which most students excelled and SAT scores were just excellent.  And, thus kind of environment in which I was working motivated me to use my own capabilities to the fullest possible extent in serving precious young people whom I taught.

While on a local call-in radio program, a caller commented that I was always criticizing public education.  He got my attention when he said, “Why doesn’t he give us some solutions….why just criticize”.

He was absolutely correct.  It is right to criticize but we should have our own ideas about how to make something better.  So, I made a list of what is needed to turn this freight train around in a different direction. 

What I propose is not rocket science. In fact, what is on my list would not be strange to someone who worked in public education in the 1960’s because, with a few exceptions, this is exactly what was done then.  And, since I was educated in the public schools at that time, I can tell you it worked. 

And, on the world stage, the United State’s ranking for quality education based on test scores was extremely high.  Unfortunately, that is not the case today.

When public education is not operating on a strong foundation, it is our young people who are being cheated.  They are the ones who lose.  If this country is capable of sending a man to the moon and excelling in so much, surely we are capable of restructuring public education and bring it back as it once was.

Here is my list:

1. Put prayer back into the schools.  The Supreme Court’s ruling in 1962 outlawed public prayer in the schools.  However, five minutes can and should be reserved in all classes at the beginning of the school day so students can pray silently….not a requirement but a legal opportunity.  God certainly understands the limitations imposed by the court but to say that it is unlawful for a student to pray is a myth.  That also includes students who voluntarily wish to gather around the flag pole and pray.  I would also suggest that students take turns on the PA system in leading the student body in reciting the National Anthem once/week.

2. Make sure the principal selected to lead a school is a person of integrity who firmly believes that only the truth should be taught in the classroom and, therefore, who will hold his or her teachers accountable for upholding the truth when in the classroom regardless of the subject matter.

3. Install cameras inside each classroom and elsewhere in the school building for four reasons….(1) First for security …in case there is an act of violence or any other such incident, the proof of what happened will be recorded and this could possibly deter someone from committing a violent act in the first place  (2) Secondly, when there is an incident involving a student who misbehaves toward a teacher or another student, the evidence of what really happened can be shown to a parent who is upset and eliminate “he said, she said” argument.  (3) Thirdly, the camera enables the principal to observe teaching performance which I will address a little later.  (4) It enables students to feel safe. Fear inhibits concentration and learning..

4. At the beginning of each school year, bring all middle grade and high school students together in the school auditorium and spell out the rules for the school.  Let them know that they are expected to respect their teachers.  Remind them there are security cameras throughout the building which record what is taking place throughout the school day. And, if you are the one who continues to  misbehave, you will be separated from the other students and placed in detention study hall with a teacher who will help you but if you do not change your behavior immediately, you will be sent home and not allowed to return to the school until a meeting is conducted with you and your parent.  Tell them that students are not allowed to wear any clothing containing any controversial slogans or pictures. Also, cell phones are not to be used in any manner in the classroom because they can quickly interrupt learning.  There is no difference between this and such rules that exist in businesses.  Tell them that the administrators and teachers run the school…..not the students….the students are here to receive instruction and learn and this should be made abundantly clear.

5. Stop changing the curriculum.  And what should the curriculum be?  Have we ever heard of returning to the basics?  The basics……what worked in the 1960’s can work today. This is a new age?  No that is nothing but a first class cop out.  When I entered college, I could quickly see on a higher level of education how well my foundation had been established at the secondary level of high school because the curriculum content was right. If it aint broke don’t fix it….yet many administrators have continually violated that wise principle which applies to everything in life.  Don’t change for change sake.

6. When returning to the basics, add a course on consumer economics where personal finance and principles of customer service can be learned.  We have students who graduate who can not even balance a checkbook. This is not new with me.  When I worked in public education, I received permission from my Principal to teach such a one-semester course dealing with this critical subject matter.

7. Colleges of education need to do a better job in training teachers on how to isolate and focus on students who are having difficulty learning the subject matter.  If the student has the ability and the learner has not learned, the teacher has not taught meaning the method of instruction needs to be examined!

8. Establish an objective performance appraisal for evaluating the performance of the principal as well as each teacher.  It is called accountability.  This can be done because I happen to be the one who helped design a performance evaluation system in a company that once upon a time had 86,000 employees and 130 plants.  If it worked there, it can work in public education..  I am speaking of an objective….not subjective evaluation and the evaluation should include examining the test scores of the students and determining if students are improving or regressing from one year to the next.  This can easily be measured. And. If there is a camera in each classroom, the principal can also use this additional tool for making periodic observations of how the teacher is teaching as well as the content being taught.  If a teacher is doing what is right, he or she should not view the camera as being a threat.  The principal has the full right to inspect what he or she expects.

9. Link performance to pay.  The average salary of a teacher in North Carolina is now $53,000/year.  In fact, North Carolina has the second highest teacher pay of any state in the southeast.  That is good but it is also unfair to the taxpayers of this country to continue to increase the pay of teachers simply by comparing one state with another or simply because of how long you have been teaching.  When performance is linked to the paycheck, that becomes a powerful incentive for excelling in one's work.  And, when the performance is excellent, then you increase the pay abundantly. .Excellence in teaching should be rewarded in proportion to the results achieved. 

10. Finally, re-instate the PTA….parent-teachers association or some other kind of mechanism for bringing teachers together with parents. .Have a PTA meeting at the end of each grading period at which time parents and teachers can come together in the evening.  A teacher can communicate any problems to the parent of a child who is not doing well and that includes offering guidance to the parent on what that mama or daddy can do to help.

Now, what proof do I have that what I have shared works?  Because I am a product of a public school system in which almost all of this package was in place when I was a student..  I am also one who worked in public aeducation and it also worked at that time which is why I cherish the time God gave me there. The problem is not the fact that the answer is not here.  I am afraid that many have simply gotten so use to the mediocrity which exists in many of our schools, it's like the problem has disappeared. Yes, when we live with wrong so seems to be right which is nothing but an illusion straight from hell!    ---Jim Hogsett


PRESS RELEASE               WORKER MINISTRIES                     January 16, 2021 


I am directing this urgent message to my brothers in Christ who are true ministers of the entire Gospel of Jesus Christ and to all church leaders. And, I want to be clear. This is not a political message because Worker Ministries is not a political organization. It was founded in 2001 to promote the Christian work ethic and that has been our total mission as we reach out to serve thousands throughout the world. However, we do not hesitate to sound the alarm when we see trouble on the horizon which could bring harm to the church that belongs to our Savior Jesus Christ.

Joseph Biden will soon be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. You and I, regardless of any concerns we have about him or his followers, should adhere to the instructions given by our Creator. We are to pray for all government leaders ….those at the local, state, and national level….all of them.

However, those in leadership positions in the church including church pastors and those who set the budgets and handle the finances should be concerned about what can occur after Mr. Biden assumes office.

For example, Biden has promised that he will do everything possible to have the Congress pass, in the first one hundred days of his administration, what is known as the Equality Act. In fact, the act has already been approved by the House and, now, since the Democrats will control the Senate, it could easily become law.

But, you may ask, what is the connection between that and my church.

First, you must understand that the motive behind the Equality Act is to repay a political debt to the LGBTQ community which has overwhelmingly supported Biden and his running mate. After all, the truth is that no law can make everyone exactly equal and those who want this act to become law know this.

Under this act, if it becomes law, an individual comes to you, the minister, and requests that you marry two males….or it could be two females, and you refuse, this enables these individuals to inflict harm on you and your church. For example, you could be sued and/or your church could be sued or those on your board might be sued. It could possibly result in being imprisoned. In addition, the IRS could be told to remove your church’s 501-C tax exempt status. This would mean that the property value of the church could be taxed and since the offering would then become income, that could also be taxed.

This is not a figment of one’s imagination. And do not be deceived by thinking that the Constitution would protect you and your church. Evil legal people have a way of writing laws that can completely bypass the Constitution and, when taken to court, you will find that the Constitution will not support you.

This act has long tentacles which can engulf many in the Christian community in many different ways. How about the refusal to hire a lesbian to serve as the church’s Children’s Director. If no other lesbians or homosexuals are on the church staff, this could quickly be viewed as violating the Equality Act because the LGBTQ community would be EQUAL to all others. This would also apply when there are vacancies in the Christian education schools.

What is so dangerous about this is that what I have described is just a small portion of the total LGBTQ agenda which is being promoted so that as many individuals as possible can be captured and brought into their way of thinking. After all, books have already been found in school libraries which teach children how to determine if they are really meant to be male or female.

There is another matter which should be our number one concern as related to the new administration. It is no secret that Biden has always been a strong supporter of abortion even though the Catholic Church, to which he belongs, has always denounced this sin.

My concern is not about Mr. Biden and Roe vs. Wade because any president has to comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling on that case until it can be overturned. I am concerned with what will take place outside of the confines of that law. For example, I fully expect him to sign an executive order authorizing that our taxpayers’ money be sent overseas to fund more abortions. After all, it was done by Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama because the Democratic platform always includes support for taking lives through abortion. That is not a matter of politics; it is a matter of fact. (Prior to leaving the Capitol after taking the oath of office, President Trump rushed to a table, sat down, and signed an executive order to rescind the order from Obama so that no more money would be used for additional abortions which had amounted to over 49 million dollars per year sent to the slaughter houses).

I am also concerned about the strong possibility that vengeance toward evangelical Christians can quickly spread into local communities and especially when such evil is supported by government leaders in Washington. During the Obama Administration, same-sex marriage became legal and was promoted as being an acceptable lifestyle. Since this is a sin forbidden by our Creator, a number of ministers addressed this sin from their pulpit. As a result, a lesbian mayor of Houston Texas suddenly demanded that she be given an advanced copy of each minister’s sermon to be preached in Houston.

The ministers in that city refused to obey that order. In fact, many said they would go to jail before complying with the order. The mayor backed off.

But, can we expect that same outcome in the future? After all, you may also remember that during the Obama Administration, it was Kim Davis, a clerk in Kentucky, who was ordered to sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples. She refused and walked into a jail with her Bible in hand because she is a modern day Apostle Paul.

The bottom line to this message is clear: As we strive to uphold the Gospel, we may soon be facing the greatest challenges of our lives. All of us must ask God to give us the strength needed to support the truth so we do not cave into the forces of evil and we must refuse to comply or resign and run away. We may also question God but may we remember that He often places evil people in high places of office for a purpose just as He did with Nebuchadnezzer. While we may not understand all of this at this time, we do know that when we stand up for Jesus as soldiers of the cross….that when we pass away and leave this evil country and arrive on the other side of eternity, our Creator will be able to say…..well done good and faithful servant.

---Jim Hogsett


PRESS RELEASE                      WORKER MINISTRIES                     September 4, 2019 


Reverend William Barber, a political activist who lives in North Carolina is proclaiming the following self-made Gospel: Jesus is a socialist.

Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw who understands Biblical truth immediately responded to Barber’s statement. He points out the essential difference between biblical teachings on charity and “moral socialist principles”. He says, “The Bible teaches charity with one’s own time and money. Socialism teaches charity with other people’s time and money. So they’re not the same thing.” Yes, and let us be reminded that Jesus wanted individuals to give to others from the heart, not because we are forced to give..

In his book Rendering Unto Caesar, author Lawrence Reed examines the words of Jesus in the context of their time and place and shows Jesus never called for the political process to rearrange wealth. Reed reminds us that Jesus denounced envy. He stressed choice, accountability and private property. He endorses keeping one’s word and honoring contracts. He emphasizes principles of personal character and the Golden Rule. These things are all difficult to reconcile with political force that exists through socialism. 

I am the Founder and President of Worker Ministries a world-wide ministry which promotes the Christian work ethic. If Jesus were a socialist, it is time for me to close the ministry, pack my bags, and move to our second home base, New York City, and enjoy the Broadway shows.

The foundation of our ministry rests on two central core truths: (1) The most important day of your life is when you come to know Jesus and accept Him as your personal Savior at which time you don’t just know about Him. You know Him! (2) The second most important day of your life is when you find out why He made you….what is your calling so you can fulfill it which means serving Jesus through serving others.

Whether I am ministering to the homeless helping them get off the streets and secure employment or speaking to a young person about a career decision….makes no difference…the message is always the same: As you fulfill your calling through work, God has made it clear that He wants you to prosper. (Jeremiah 29:11)

He places no limit on how much money you can make. After all, the rich man who died and went to hell did not reach that place because he was rich. It was because he placed money above God and worshipped his wealth even to the extent he would ignore a sick and hungry beggar. On the other hand, Truet Cathy who founded Chic Fil A gave away millions to worthy causes before he died but only because a government under which he lived had not confiscated his wealth.

Under a socialistic government, you do not prosper because you will have become a slave to Uncle Sam and what you have is taken away and spread to others until nothing is left for anyone. That is clearly why Venezuela which was once a rich country is now poor. And may I remind Reverend Barber that when the government takes what we have, those in your flock will have nothing to put in the offering plate….and then what happens to your church?

Scripture also plainly teaches that if you do not work, you do not eat. That truth would be ignored under a socialistic system because those who sit on their lazy bottoms can collect money from the government at the expense of everyone else.

Then there is often the misunderstanding of what Jesus meant when he said…render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar.   The problem is that it is so convenient and unbiblical to ignore the latter part of this message. If everything belongs to Caesar, Jesus would have said render unto Caesar EVERYTHING period......end of discussion.  Everything does not belong to Caesar except in a socialistic environment.

I render unto Caesar when I pay my income taxes and don’t try to cheat Uncle Sam….I pay my water bill to the local government….pay the taxes on my automobile….pay my property tax because that is what belongs to Caesar (the government). The rest actually belongs to God because all that I have is on loan to me and He has authorized me, not the government, to manage it and that includes the fact that a significant amount of my personal money is used to operate Worker Ministries. But, this would not be possible living under a socialist economy.

Perhaps the most unfortunate consequence of socialism is that it robs the human being of self initiative and motivation because when you are a slave, why should you work any harder. Yet, that directly contradicts the Word of God in which we are to exercise our full God given abilities and talents living a productive life as we again serve Christ through serving others regardless of our occupation.

Any individual who manipulates the Word of God for a political cause or for any other reason will be held fully accountable by our Creator. This is His warning: “If anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book”. (Revelation 22:19)

And, may I add that if anyone including Jim Hogsett or any other Representative of the Lord Jesus Christ tarnishes the reputation of our Lord through false pretense, the Bible clearly states that God will hold us even more responsible because of the position of service which he has endowed to us. (James 3:1)  

In closing, God bless those Bible believing pastors who can be trusted to deliver the truth.  However, since satan is perfectly capable of invading the House of the Lord, I hereby issue an alert to all evangelicals that we must be very careful when reading or listening to any message that is suppose to be based on God's Word.  That is because more and more false gospels are being taught in this country through churches that have been transformed into nothing more than buildings. My warning also pertains to many books, on line and in retail stores, that have become havens for false information.

All of this should not be a surprise because, with reference to the last days, we are warned through His Word about this: Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. (Matthew 7:15)



PRESS RELEASE                                       WORKER MINISTRIES                                          June 4, 2019 


Worker Ministries has reached a very important agreement with the New York Police Department which will enable Jim Hogsett to return to Timwa Square and speak again.  (He previously spoke there in 2018.)  He will again deliver two one-hour messages (separate days)  in January 2022.  Due to security reasons, the specific days and times will not be announced in advance of his presentations.

Times Square is a major commercial intersection and neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, at the junction or Broadway and Seventh Avenue, and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets.  Brightly adorned with billboards and advertisements, Times Square is sometimes referred to as The Crossroads of the World.

Kathy Perkinson, Vice President states that the President of Worker Ministries will use a special amplifier so the message can be clearly heard by those passing through the Times Square area.  Perkinson states, "This exposure is enormous for Jim and our ministry.  Times Square is one of the world's most visited tourist attractions, drawing an estimated 50 million visitors annually. Approximately  330,000  people  pass through Times Square daily, many of them tourists, while over  460,000 pedestrians walk through Times Square on its busiest days."

 ***** END OF PRESS RELEASE ***** 


PRESS RELEASE                                           WORKER MINISTRIES                            May 8, 2019 


Jim Hogsett will return to Kenya in 2022.  He has accepted an invitation to speak to the Pastors and Church Leaders Conference to be conducted in Eldoret, Kenya.    The invitation was extended by National Overseer and Bishop Chris Lusweti, pastor of Word of Life Harvest Church.  

Brother Chris states that their vision is to empower and equip pastors and church ministers from different churches in East Africa. He says, “Our goal is to make more disciples and send them to the field to work in different parts of East Africa.”  During his calling, Bishop Chris has planted sixty churches in that region of the world.

When making this announcement earlier this year, Kathy Perkinson, Vice President of Worker Ministries said,  “This is just one among many examples of how Worker Ministries is reaching out to the world as we continue to fulfill God’s calling for us.  Jim’s extensive business background and the fact that he is one of America’s outstanding authorities on the Christian work ethic provides him with a strong foundation from which to minister to those in East Africa.”

Working through an interpreter, Jim Hogsett’s messages will be delivered three times each day.  He will focus on leadership, discipleship, and evangelism.

Jim says, "I spoke to this conference in 2016 and it was one of the greatest blessings of my life.  The memories will remain with me always and I am looking forward to joining hy Brother-in-Christ, Bishop Chris, whom I have called "a modern day Apostle Paul".

 ***** END OF PRESS RELEASE ***** 


PRESS RELEASE                                     WORKER MINISTRIES                             July 27, 2014 


Effective January 1, 2015, Los Angeles, California will become Worker Ministries’ fourth satellite.  Kathy Perkinson, Vice President states, “Our commitment to Los Angeles and other areas of the West Coast will include the use of all available platforms for promoting the Christian work ethic.  This will include Jim Hogsett’s speaking engagements and ministering to the homeless through Operation Uplift.”

Earlier this year, Jim Hogsett began ministering in California for the first time.  This included a major speaking engagement at the world’s largest Christian education conference held in Castro Valley.  During a separate trip, he also spoke at the Pasadena Convention Center.  He has already been invited to return to Castro Valley to serve as a keynote speaker in 2015.

Operation Uplift will be launched in the famous Skid Row area of downtown Los Angeles which extends 50 city blocks and where over 5,000 homeless people carve out a mere existence. (This is the largest number of homeless people concentrated in any one location in the United States.)

Perkinson adds, “The addition of Los Angeles will enable us to have a permanent foothold on the West Coast.  At the same time, we will continue our ministerial service in the north east (New York City), Mid-Atlantic (Washington, DC ), mid-west (Memphis), and southeast from our headquarters at Elon, North Carolina.”



PRESS RELEASE                                     WORKER MINISTRIES                                 December 17, 2012


The horrendous act of violence which has occurred in Newtown Connecticut has raised the same old questions:  What caused this and how can it be prevented?

These are critical questions but, unfortunately, many Americans are not ready for the answer.

The heart of this matter is the condition of the heart, a place where love no longer resides in many humans.  Violent individuals resemble wild animals, on the loose, ready to strike at any time and anywhere.

The politicians are already proposing legislation to limit firearms.  They just don’t get it!   You can not legislate morality.

During my youth, there was never one day when I had a fear of going to school because someone may shoot me.  But that was then and this is now because America has changed for the worst.

There is a direct correlation between the tremendous increase in violence and the decline in moral values in this country starting with the Supreme Court’s decision to outlaw prayer in school.    Only a few years later, the court legalized abortion resulting in slaughtering over 50,000,000 unborn babies.   And, only months ago, citizens were asked to vote for or against a marriage amendment to determine if individuals of the same sex can legally marry each other.   Such an amendment was in direct opposition to a most sacred union ordained by our Creator.   Yet support came from many including our national leaders and some members of the clergy.

Time and time again, this country has chosen to literally slap the face of an Almighty God who has blessed this nation in so many ways.

Let it be understood that a loving God did not cause that violent act to occur in Newtown.  For those who ask why He did not stop it, I must ask, “Why would we want to call upon God when we have so easily forgotten Him in America?”    Rest assured that God does not get in our way when we choose evil because all of us have been given a choice to accept Him or reject Him.

But, we must also understand there can be tragic consequences as a result of immoral behavior. As a human being or as a nation, what we sow is what we reap! For the doubters, I challenge you go to the history books and locate ONE fallen country that is the exception.

While I am not a prophet, His Word enables me to forecast a sad fact of life.  The violence will continue.  Next year will be worse than 2012 and this pattern will continue unless there is a change in the condition of the heart.

God has already answered all of the perplexing questions surrounding the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut in one profound directive.  He says, “If my people,  which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”







Periodically, we at Worker Ministries publish a full page advertisement in the Times-News newspaper (Burlington NC) detailing our accomplishments for the year and our plans for the future. We invite you to view the 2016 advertisement and see what we've been up to! Adobe Reader in required to see the ads. You can download it free of charge by clicking here. Click on the image to view the PDF file.

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He states that more than 80 percent of those older than 65 are homeowners and 66 percent of them have no mortgages. On the other hand, he says home ownership is at 40 percent for those younger than 35, and only 12 percent own their home free and clear of a mor