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Pray for the Homeless


Worker Ministries believes we all have the responsibility and the privilege to pray for those less fortunate. We invite you to download our extensive list of homeless individuals who desperately need a blessing. Won't you honor the Lord for all he has blessed you with by lifting these poor souls up to Him in prayer as He commands? Simply click on the following link to download the list. We update it regularly so please download as often as you can. Click here: Pray for the Homelesspray for the homeless

Our publications page consists of valuable tools designed to amplify the Christian work ethic and help you live the Christian life in the workplace.

A Worker Need Not Be Ashamed

JIM HOGSETT'S BOOK: "A Worker Need Not Be Ashamed"

BOOK REVIEW: "This comprehensive and compelling book presents the Christian work ethic as the model for honest labor in today's workplace." - Dr. Bruce K. Bell, Academic Associate Dean; Liberty University; Lynchburg, Virginia.


Jim With Fan



Millions and millions have walked down the aisles of God's houses of worship and accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. Unfortunately, many have been left at the altar or wherever they were saved. It is easy to forget that these new converts have just been reborn and need immediate help if they are to become spiritually mature.

The state of condition of a new convert standing at that altar the same as one who needs to be rushed to the hospital. This is an actual emergency.

For that reason, we have created an important six-page publication entitled "Beginning a New Life in Christ". We suggest that this be given to any new convert immediately and that they be encouraged to read it. Don’t wait or postpone this assignment because the trials of one who is reborn will now begin.

This is not a substitute for mentoring but can complement such an important intervention.  Click here to access this important document. 



FREE help for all churches: MODEL POLICY MANUAL Let's face the truth:  Church splits are caused by people.  God's church is a "living organism" that includes humans with different perspectives on church related matters.  Thus, the church needs order, structure, and communication. Parameters of behavior should be defined and be perfectly aligned with the Word of God. Otherwise, any organization can soon become a place of chaos. For this reason, we have developed a model policy manual. It is in Word format which means it can be customized using what we have written. We believe we have done most of the work for you.  This 43-page document can be viewed if you will click here. 

FREE help for all churches:  CHURCH BUS DRIVER SAFETY GUIDE 

Your church can be subject to a COSTLY LAWSUIT in case of an accident in which your church bus is involved and when negligence can be proven because your church did not do everything reasonably possible to prevent the accident.   Churches which do not cross state lines (and there are few) are not subject to regulations of the Department of Transportation;.  HOWEVER, the church can still be held liable when there is negligence.  Our guide provides valuable information for insulating the church from facing such a catastrophe including the possibility of losing human lives.  It includes DOT regulations (in plain English), a pre and post trip inspection form, and a Driver Training Package that enables the church to conduct in-house training on policies and procedures pertaining to the local church.   Click here for your free copy.


Your church can be subject to a COSTLY LAWSUIT in case a child is injured or abused when engaged in any kind of church related activity. Worker Ministries has developed a model program consisting of a policy and specific procedures. You can adapt our model to meet your specific needs.  Click here for your copy.


You can't buy better advice. and it's free!   Click on Newsletter at top of this page for this month's edition and you can also click on Archives to read any past newsletter.


Visit our Hall of Shame where you will find REAL cases which describe unethical practices and policies associated with specific businesses and other organizations. This information is being shared for several reasons. First, you need to increase your awareness of the kinds of manipulations which are taking place that are far far from God's Word on how to treat people! This information is also an ALERT to help protect you against abuse and power which inflicts financial harm upon our citizens who are customers. Click here to visit our Hall of Shame.


Can unemployment be a blessing? It is difficult to say YES. Yet, God often allows this situation to occur so that when you are at the crossroads of your life,  you can determine the true calling for your life. THE CALLING COMES BEFORE THE JOB because the job is merely the engine which drives the Calling!

Once you know why God put you here, you can determine the path you will take to fulfill that calling. There are two paths: Seek employment and work for someone OR start your own business! In either case, we at Worker Ministries can help you get on the right road to meet that calling!  Before blindly plunging into another job, examine our kits:

Our Job Kit is yours when you click here:"How to Find the Job That Fulfills Your Mission"

Our Business Kit is yours when you click here: "How to Start Your Own Business".


As Christians, we are called by Jesus to witness to others. Yet, many Christians hesitate to tell the "old old story"! A major reason is that many Christians do not understand HOW TO ESTABLISH THE FOUNDATION for witnessing and HOW TO WITNESS. We at Worker Ministries have established for our ministry a HOW TO procedure which we use when reaching out to those who have never found their purpose for living. It is our pleasure to share it with YOU.  Click here for your free copy.


Socialism is a subject that is ebing discussed more and more as related to our country which, since its founding, has embraced capitalism as the way for American citizens to prosper.  In today's political environment, this subject has been further amplified. Some have referenced Jesus in hotly debated conversations saying that He was a socialist.   Read the truthful answer based strictly on the Gospel and not an opinion written by the Founder of Worker Ministries.  Just click here   OR go to our YouTube page to hear and see the message deliverd by Jim Hogsett. 



Before a child can become a responsible adult and fulfill God's calling for his or her life and earn an excellent income, obtaining a quality education is absolutely essential.

We believe that parents should be able to select the right option for providing a quality education for your child. Many parents who feel this objective is not being satisfied through the public school may not have knowledge about other pathways.

One such avenue is home schooling.  There is a myth that a parent must be a college graduate to conduct home schooling. That is simply not true. While home schooling does not have to be very expensive, it does require a real sacrifice by the parent.  The parent may have to leave a job and then assume a full time job of directing the educational activities of your home schooled child.  Before taking this route, we recommend that you...

1. Speak with other parents who already have this experience so they can share the pros and cons and valuable information about the resources they used and the results obtained.

2. Visit web sites for information.  For example, we have reviewed two sites and you may click here at your convenience:

Another option for educating your child outside the public school system is to enroll him or her in a private school.  In this case, we recommend doing this at a Christian school which not only provides an outstanding education but is done in an environment in which the Word of God is also practiced and taught and integrated in the curriculum.  While it is true that this pathway can be expensive, millions of parents who have traveled this route will tell you that they would never trade this for any other option. This is because their child received a first class education with superior test scores!   Before taking this route, we recommend that you.....

1. Explore the rankings of such schools using the internet.  For example, outstanding private schools in North Carolina can be located at this web site (click here):

2. Visit a school near you and have a thorough conversation with the headmaster of the school.

3. Talk with other parents who have selected this option.

Yes, both of these options require sacrificies but when time and money are allocated for educating one's precious child, the reward can never be surpassed! 





During Operation Uplift 2016 Washington DC, Jim Hogsett met Leo Gnawa, a homeless individual who has written a book, "Homeless Lives Matter".  But, how does a homeless person write a book?  Leo was able to obtain a computer which he keeps in his tent.  Leo's book can help all of us to momentarily step into the shoes of those on the streets and learn more about these individuals. God loves these precious souls as much as He loves anyone.  If you purchase his book, you will be paying him for a valuable work and help him to make a sufficient profitr that will enable him to escape his "prison".  To order this publication through, click on the image below