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September  2008


This month's newsletter is NOT about one of the presidential candidates nor does it contain an endorsement of either since our ministry was not created for such a purpose.

However, as American citizens, we are the ones who employ the President through our vote and we should be very concerned about the work ethic of any President.  Work ethic concerns which are directly related to this job include such qualities as INTEGRITY, LEADERSHIP, and MORALITY.   

What is the integrity of John McCain and Barack Obama?   What are they saying which could contradict their real motives and beliefs?  Where is the evidence that either one has real leadership qualities?   Although each gentleman professes to be a Christian, what is the evidence to support such an important faith proclamation?  Do we really know the answers to such questions?

Unfortunately, the current method of choosing a presidential candidate and evaluating the nominees leaves alot to be desired.

The news media will tell you they have the answers through their programs on which they analyze and analyze and analyze a candidate's position.  Excuse me, but I only need for the network to REPORT THE TRUE NEWS.  God gave me and most American citizens sufficient intelligence to conduct our own analysis.

But, the news media will also tell you that televised debates will give you the answers.  The problem is that the networks have transformed the debates into a Broadway show called "GOTCHA".  They are very similar to presidential news conferences.  The idea behind this format is to have the news people ask the most difficult questions possible in a very harsh and aggressive manner and catch someone making a contradictory statement or making an unintentional false statement because of a lack of knowledge.  

GOTCHA! not the answer for evaluating the best person for one of the most important jobs in the world!

This kind of tactic also encourages candidates to offer very artificial answers to questions as they try to say every single word so very carefully.  You can often hear them verbally construct their sentences as they pause mid-way through a statement that may not need so much thought.  If I did not know better, I would think that a robot just responded!

There must be a better way!

As I was writing our September newsletter, one answer to a better way suddenly appeared on my television screen on Saturday evening, August 16th when Messrs. Obama and McCain were interviewed by Pastor Rick Warren of the mega Sattleback Church in California.

The format actually produced a high level job interview which is most appropriate when considering an individual for any kind of employment including the presidency!  The nominees were interviewed separately using the same questions for each so we could at least analyze the differences.  Pastor Warren projected a very professional image which needs to be studied by most members of the news media.  He was warm and friendly and firm as he interrogated them.

Excuse me, I believe I have used the wrong word!  INTERROGATED?  NO!   He did not portray the FBI Agent or one who would play GOTCHA!.  

What was interesting is that both Obama and McCain appeared at ease in this setting.  This is significant because, regardless of preparation, any individual feels comfortable and can think more clearly and provide more information in a warm inviting setting.  That is a major reason why a job interview can be so effective.

The focus was on simply answering the question and not trying to say something to hit back at the other nominee or to provide a better answer than the other person.  As such, this was so refreshing and provided me with some insights which I did not possess before viewing this program.

Thank God Rick Warren is not a newsman.  However, those who call themselves "news professionals" could certainly learn some valuable lessons from reviewing this program and how it was handled by a preacher!

On the other hand, I am afraid that any kind of televised program which provides Obama or McCain an opportunity to state their positions is still not sufficient for you and me to select the next President.

The problem is the candidate may tell you their position on a particular issue but they may not tell you HOW they will solve specific problems related to the issue.  Talk is cheap and the nominee has the power to change his positions long after a television interview or debate has become history.

This is exactly why John Q Citizen later becomes disenchanted with the former nominee who now acts so differently as President regardless of party affiliation.

There must be a better way and there is!

If you and I are an employer, we do not stop with a job interview because we should be vitally interested in the past performance of the individual.

For that reason, let me suggest that we study the past history of how the presidential nominees have dealt with issues which affect the American people.  We simply need to take a look at their past voting record while they have both served in the Senate and during anytime while serving in a state legislative body.  That also includes their attendance record because some members of Congress find it to be convenient to be absent when a crucial and controversial vote is taken.   

We suggest that you go to the following website which provides such information:   Then, click on Statistics and Lists shown on left side of the page.  Then, on the next page, click on "votes"  Finally, click on roll call votes and you will then have access to the voting record of each senator for each session of Congress.

Using this web site, you can review the bills and how Senators McCain and Obama voted.  You will also be able to determine their attendance record.  Yes, you will know the rest of the story that goes beyond what they said during the debates and beyond news analyses.

Combine your findings with their feedback during debates and don't be surprised if you find some contradictions.  Contradictions scare me because these indicate that, in such cases, the nominee does not have a conviction!   Leaders have convictions; politicians simply do alot of talking without holding onto convictions.

No, we do not have a crystal ball that will tell us how a President Obama or President McCain will perform.  But, while working in the Corporate business world, I learned a valuable lesson:  

Past performance is the strongest indicator of future performance! 

If I am going to employ someone in my ministry, rest assured I am going to explore what he or she has accomplished -- NOT just what they tell me!  Talk is awfully cheap!

Finally, as you examine their past, look at indicators which will tell you their relationship with their creator and His son Jesus Christ.  Once upon a time, an occupant of the Oval Office made the following statement:

                            "It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and Bible."

That President was George Washington.  

I want a President who possesses a CHRISTIAN work ethic!  The Bible clearly states that all workers are to work as unto the Lord which simply means that our ultimate boss is our Creator, God Almighty.  It means that a worker who need not be ashamed should subscribe to Christian principles of conduct while on the job.  The President of the United States is no exception.

When we focus on a nominee's  relationship to Christ, his position on specific issues without any meandering, and his past performance, we can then make an intelligent decision before pulling the lever on Election Day 2008.  In the process, we will lay aside race (black OR white) or where a nominee was born or how much money he has or other such things which don't amount to a hill of beans.  

I am delivering this urgent message at this time so we can all get busy doing our homework on this critical assignment which should be undertaken by every American citizen!.

And, don't forget to PRAY for our country and pray that the nominee who can best lead this nation will be elected in November.

Very truly yours,

Jim Hogsett, President/Founder; Worker Ministries and Writer for Guideposts Magazine