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Pray for the Homeless


Worker Ministries believes we all have the responsibility and the privilege to pray for those less fortunate. We invite you to download our extensive list of homeless individuals who desperately need a blessing. Won't you honor the Lord for all he has blessed you with by lifting these poor souls up to Him in prayer as He commands? Simply click on the following link to download the list. We update it regularly so please download as often as you can. Click here: Pray for the Homelesspray for the homeless

July  2004

One of the joys of writing for Guideposts and publishing a book is to receive reviews from my readers.  While I do not solicit such feedback, it is sincerely appreciated.  Here are a few examples which have warmed my heart:

"I just love (your book).  I think about the impact that this kind of instruction could have on the world if taught at an early age."    -Debra Crews; Altavista, Virginia

"I certainly enjoyed the article in the May Guideposts magazine regarding you and how you ended up in Blakey Hall. May God richly bless you as you minister to those in Blakey Hall."     -Mrs. Norris Kessler;  North Port, Florida

"Hope this letter has warmed your heart as your story has touched mine."   (This letter about my article in Guideposts did warm my heart!)    - Val Camenisch; Madison, Indiana

"You won't believe this but I'm halfway finished with A Worker Need Not Be Ashamed.  Fascinating reading - the kind that is so chocked full of advice for daily living that you can't put it down."    - Terri Bumgarner; Marietta, Georgia

"Thanks for your story (in Guideposts).  All the best with your new book.  I hope it won't take you away from your first love of working with the elderly. They need you!"  - Dottie Brandt; Veneta, Oregon

"Your book is excellent. I am telling everyone I can about the book and about you. You are a great human being first, and that sums up the ideas and examples in the book."
  -Lala Rascoe; Burlington, N. C.

"I am happy for you that you have found your 'perfect fit'. God is good all the time!"  (Response to Guideposts story) - Peggy Riley; Payson, Arizona

Because of such wonderful feedback, I find I must constantly  remind myself that what I have done is only possible because the ONE who created me has shown me His will for my life and has given me the abilities to fulfill that will.  It's all about HIM - not me!  To GOD be the GLORY!

That is exactly why I have written a book that can help other workers who wish to glorify God through their work and be a worker who need not be ashamed!  Read it and apply it to your life and I promise you that you, too, can have JOY on the JOB!

Truthfully yours,

Jim Hogsett, President/Founder; Worker Ministries and Writer for Guideposts Magazine